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Pothole update: Langdale Drive

by Steve Middleton on 2 May, 2017

I reported some very bad potholes on Langdale Drive (especially the really terrible ones at the junction with Randale Drive) back in March. I’ve been meaning to post and update on the repairs for the past couple of weeks, but my time has been taken up with work and helping out in the Besses by-election […]

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Council takes out 40 year £10m loan to fix Bury potholes

by Steve Middleton on 13 April, 2017

The Bury Times is reporting today that the cabinet of Bury’s Labour-controlled council met last night to rubber stamp a £10 million pound loan, to be repaid over forty years. The money will be used to fix potholes and resurface roads across the borough. Regular readers of my blog will know I have written often […]

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Pothole update: Randale Drive

by Steve Middleton on 6 April, 2017

I am pleased to feed back that the pothole I reported to Bury Council two weeks ago on Randale Drive has been repaired. It looks quite a good job, so I am very grateful that the Council’s highways department has acted so quickly and professionally. Unfortunately, there are still many potholes across Unsworth ward that […]

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Pothole report: Ventnor avenue and Randale drive

by Steve Middleton on 24 March, 2017

Today I have reported two more very deep potholes that have appeared on the roads in and around Unsworth. A pothole I reported on Randale Drive at the junction with Sandown Road last year has re-appeared (primarily due to a poor repair the last time around) and so this has been reported again to Bury […]

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Pothole report: Langdale Drive and Randale Drive

by Steve Middleton on 11 March, 2017

More potholes have appeared across Unsworth. I spotted this one yesterday at the junction of Langdale Drive with Randale Drive and have reported this to Bury Council. The reference for this report is 2684963.  

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Pothole report: Ennerdale Drive

by Steve Middleton on 4 March, 2017

A large pothole has appeared on Ennerdale Drive at the junction with Borrowdale Drive in Unsworth ward. I have today reported this with Bury Council, however I also noticed that (like a lot of roads in Unsworth and Bury as a whole) that the surface is starting to wear down and come away in larger […]

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A new planning application has been submitted for consultation by Rochdale Council, as it directly affects Unsworth residents and businesses. Details below: Application Number: 16/01399/HYBR Registration Date: 22/11/2016 Location: Land bounded by Manchester Road, Hareshill Road and Pilsworth Road; West of Junction 19 of the M62, Rochdale Proposal:  Article 18 consultation from Rochdale Council (ref.16/01399/HYBR) […]

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Parking problems in Unsworth

by Steve Middleton on 16 October, 2016

There appears to have been a recent spike in reports of parking problems across Unsworth and Whitefield in the past few weeks. At Unsworth pole, problems continue with lack of spaces throughout the day and into the early evening, with significant problems around 8-9am. A few people have told me that they have received ‘fines’ […]

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Bury Council Highways department in resurfacing mess

by Steve Middleton on 30 August, 2016

The council has got itself into an awful mess due to a failed road repair in Bleasdale Close, Unsworth. While residents were initially pleased that the council’s highways department was finally filling in the numerous potholes in the small cul-de-sac, that pleasure soon turned to horror when highways had finished the work. A couple of […]

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Parr Lane road survey results from GMP

by Steve Middleton on 29 July, 2016

In May of this year (following a number of road traffic accidents on Parr Lane, outside the Co-op store), I asked Greater Manchester Police to conduct a road survey to see if we could determine how serious the speeding traffic had become. During June and July local residents may have noticed the survey box and […]

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