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Walk-In Centre Closures “Paused”

by Steve Middleton on 16 March, 2017

Councillors in Bury have been written to by Bury’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) informing us that the closure process of the Prestwich and Bury Walk-In Centres is now “paused”. At present the closure proposal, which had been agreed by the CCG, has been going through its formal consultation stage, but the CCG has announced […]

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Walk-In Centre Closure Formal Consultation

by Steve Middleton on 17 February, 2017

Bury’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group is now formally consulting the public on the closure of Prestwich and Bury Walk-In Centres. The Governing Body of NHS Bury CCG have agreed a ‘redesign of urgent care services’, which includes closing the Walk-In Centres at its last meeting – following the initial public consultation.   Members of the […]

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Do you have the skills to help support an amazing local charity that supports over 250 local residents? Creative Living Centre is seeking new Trustees and a new Chair of Trustees The Creative Living Centre, is a charity supporting adults experiencing mental health problems through an integrated set of activities, therapies and support. They are […]

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Bury and Prestwich NHS walk-in centres set to close

by Steve Middleton on 9 September, 2016

Last night I attended the Prestwich Township Forum in the mistaken belief that the presentation by the Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG for short) was intending to consult the public on the drastic proposal to close the NHS walk-in centres, currently located in Bury town centre and Prestwich Longfield. Silly me. As we were pointedly […]

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Whitefield Ambulance Station to Close

by Steve Middleton on 10 August, 2015

It has now been confirmed that Whitefield Ambulance Station is closing. As we understand the ‘HQ function’ (offices) that have been there are going to Bolton. One ambulance will be based at Whitefield Fire Station, in Bury New Road, while the other will now be based at Bury Ambulance Station in Birch Street. The changes […]

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The Liberal Democrats Work for the Less Well Off

by Steve Middleton on 1 May, 2012

People are struggling to cope with rising food, fuel and mortgage bills and the politicians in Government fighting their corner are the Liberal Democrats. It’s largely thanks to them that there have been a some tax policies to help low and middle income earners who need as much help as they can get at the […]

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The Christie wins back charity cash

by Steve Middleton on 14 June, 2009

I’m perhaps a week late in reporting the happy news that The Christie, formerly known as The Christie Hospital in Withington (Manchester) has been told by the government that the NHS will pay back the £6.5m lost in the Icelandic banking collapse. Without the support of 100,000 people who signed The Manchester Evening News petition […]

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