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Bury Libraries E-Books Download Service

by Steve Middleton on 22 April, 2018

We don’t have a library anymore in Unsworth or Whitefield (Bury Labour closed them), however you can now download and read or listen to thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks from Bury libraries through Borrowbox. The following information is provided by Bury’s library service: Want to know more? It’s Borrowbox Week from 24 to 29 April, […]

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Unsworth library building update

by Steve Middleton on 2 April, 2018

Several  months after closing both Unsworth and Whitefield libraries, taking a whole bunch of community services with them when they went, Bury’s Labour party are patting themselves on the back and telling residents they’ve “saved” the buildings. In fact, the buildings are likely to be sold to the Elms Bank School and Elms Bank Specialist […]

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Volunteers Needed – OASIS Whitefield

by Steve Middleton on 23 March, 2018

There are exciting times ahead at OASIS – the following information is provided by OASIS: We are looking to extend our opening hours and activities and have lots of great ideas for families, including after school groups, family film sessions, lunches and more. But in order to make these plans a reality, successful and affordable […]

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At all meetings of Bury’s Full Council your team of Liberal Democrat councillors use the maximum entitlement to ask questions of the Councils Leadership. Questions at the most recent meeting included: Could the Leader of the Council please inform members now many school crossing patrols are currently not operational, and how many others do not […]

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Bury Council gives away books after closing 10 libraries

by Steve Middleton on 18 March, 2018

At the start of this year Bury Council closed 10 out of the 14 libraries across the borough, and slashed the opening times of the four that are left. Now community group, charities and schools are all eligible to select items which are no longer required by the library service. Those who are part of […]

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I recently attended the consultation event held at Castlebrook High School where the plans for a rebuild of the new school were showcased. The Shaw Education Trust have now submitted their planning application to Bury Council and the plans can be viewed by following the link below. I would be interested to hear what local […]

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Proposals have been announced by Castlebrook High School that they intend to re-build the school main building on a new, adjacent site and demolish the current building. Citing the need for newer and more modern facilities, the plans include a new building, new car parking but retaining the existing sports block, construction centre and all-weather […]

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National Libraries Day – 6 February 2016

by Steve Middleton on 5 February, 2016

There are a large number of events on National Libraries Day this Saturday (6 February 2016). At our very own Unsworth Library on Sunny Bank Road we have the Library Wall of Love. Come and tell us what you love about your library. Leave a lovely message on our display telling everyone what it is […]

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Nick’s letter on outcome of Tuition Fees vote

by Steve Middleton on 9 December, 2010

Dear Steve, Today’s vote on Higher Education funding was one of the hardest things we have had to do in politics. I know that there are strong and passionately held views on all sides of the debate, which I very much respect. And of course I understand why many in our party wish we could […]

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Big Brother database will ruin peoples lives

by Steve Middleton on 20 June, 2009

While reading The Daily Mail the other day I was disturbed to read that Britain’s Information Commissioner (Richard Thomas) has said he has serious concerns about a system being launched in October for the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). The database will record criminal convictions of the 11 million adults who work with children, but also any so-called “soft intelligence” […]

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